Crisis intervention - because life not always goes as planned

We all might need some psychological support

This is an offer of up to 4 meetings that can happen within 4 weeks. Those meetings are to assess your current state, provide support and quick resolution, and if needed to guide you for further help.

This psychological support might be also a one-off meeting, just to talk to someone. It doesn't matter if you experienced a long-term or acute crisis. If you are here it means that you are in the right place. Book your call with me via email:

How psychological support works?

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Sometimes we carry on with things that are too big for us. Sometimes, bad things just happen suddenly and we are lacking the resilience to deal with them. And it's ok, but you need to remember that:

"Sometimes you've got to stay in suckland. But don't buy furniture!" Julienne Givot

This is the whole point of psychological and crisis intervention - to take you out from that suckland that you started furniture in your mind. I'm happy to help you pack your things and move to a better place mentally.

1 to 1 meetings

These meetings are for you and desinged to your needs. You will be able to address your current situation and look at it from a differenr angle.


You bring the issue to the table. No issue is too big not too small. And remember - we might not resolve it during the meeting, but you will get a new perspective on it.


You will not receive pre-recorded material. I will be behind every video call and message you receive.

Further guidance

Because this is a short intervention, you might also need long-term support. I will either offer you my other services or direct you and link you with other professionals who will help you.